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Nutrition Research for Beef Cow/Calf Ranchers

A Comparison of the Effect on Reproductive Performance of Albion Chelated Minerals versus Non-Chelated Standard Mineral Sources Fed to First Calf Heifers

In 1988 Dr. J.R. (Bob) Kropp, Professor of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, performed a controlled long term research study on 37 of the OSU beef herd's heifers. The study was designed to determine why the OSU herd was experiencing a rather poor breeding performance and if a chelated mineral supplement would show any improvement when compared to the same intake of non-chelated minerals the university had been feeding.  During the study 18 heifers were fed the mineral supplement formulated by Animal Nutritionist Mark Urbanosky which contained the patented form of chelated minerals produced by Albion Laboratories and compared it to 19 heifers which were fed the precise same daily level of daily minerals from non-chelated standard sources. The test measured the differences in the two groups all the way through from their first breeding, pregnancy and weaning of their first calves in the heifers fed chelated minerals versus the heifers fed non-chelated minerals. The mineral supplements were blended into pellets which were hand fed at the exact same levels daily to ensure the mineral levels consumed by each heifer daily were precisely the same. So the difference in the results outlined below is comparing the chelated mineral versus the same amount of mineral consumed daily in a non-chelated or standard form found in most mineral supplements. The results demonstrated the vast superiority of the chelated mineral supplement versus the standard non-chelated minerals found in most mineral supplement programs or feeds.

Difference in Heifers Exhibiting Estrus -  After synchronization with Synchro-Mate B, the 18 heifers that were receiving this patented chelated mineral supplement exhibited estrus at a rate of 77.8% (14 head) versus 42.1% (8 head) of the heifers receiving the non-chelated supplement. The chelated mineral demonstrated a remarkable 54.1% difference in improved exhibition of estrus verses those not receiving the chelated mineral.

Heifers in Estrus Conceiving on First A.I. Service - 10 or (71.4%) of the 14 heifers receiving the chelated supplement conceived on the first AI service compared to the 2, or (25.0%) of the 8 heifers that cycled but were not receiving the chelated minerals which conceived on the first AI service. This shows that 5 times more heifers on the chelated supplement bred on the first AI service than those not on the non-chelated mineral supplement.

Post Days Calving to Conception - After calving the cows were rebred using the same AI techniques from 70 to 130 days post calving. The cows that were on the chelated supplement conceived at an average of 86 days post calving. The cows that were on the non-chelated supplement conceived at an average of 105 days post calving.

Weaning Weight of Calves Comparison- All of the first calf weaning weights from each group were appropriately adjusted for age to a 205 day equivalent. The calves from the cows receiving the chelated mineral supplement weaned calves which weighed an average of 575 lbs. compared to a weaning weight of 527 lbs. for the calves from cows which received the non-chelated supplement. This demonstrated an average weaning weight difference of 47 more pounds (8.34% heavier) per calf from the cows on the chelated supplement versus the calves weaned from the cows that were on the standard non-chelated supplement.

RESULTS - You don't have to be a Professor to see the results above will provide cow/calf operations a significant amount of extra production income from less open females, extra calves and heavier and healthier weaned calves. The research proven supplements pay for themselves several times over with the thousands of dollars in extra income received from the extra production.

THIS IS IT - Supplement

See the product label information below for a complete list of ingredients and feeding instructions.  


“THIS IS IT” mineral helps start the breakdown of feed (pellet, grain, hay, grass) before it gets to the horse’s intestines.   This results in better and faster absorption of proteins and fats, which promotes muscle and healthy weight for animal.

Also cuts down on the amount of feed intake needed for most animals to maintain healthy weight levels………. resulting in lower feed costs in some cases.

Contact Bill or Katie Henderson for pricing.  Shipments are subject to a per mile charge. All orders are free of shipping charges that are within 50 miles of Kerrville, TX.

Our products


Questions & Answers:  What is "THIS  IS  IT"

This Is It is an advanced supplement formulated to provide a broad spectrum of necessary nutrients & important nutritional support.  It contains advanced technology of highly absorbable macro minerals, patented chelated trace minerals, important vitamins, beneficial prebiotics & guaranteed levels of live probiotics all in one product.   Also formulated to resist washing away or hardening during wet weather.

This is it mineral helps start the breakdown of feed (pellet, grain, hay, grass) before it gets to the animal's intestines.   This results in better and faster absorption of proteins and fats, which promotes muscle and healthy weight for animals.

As mentioned above, This Is It's formula is an advanced technology, making our Chelated trace minerals guaranteed at the highest levels possible.

Our Guaranteed Analysis is…..Copper- 100% Chelate and no less than 55% to 85% Guarantee on the remaining trace minerals in This Is It.

Also, customers are finding with the ability to down on the amount of feed intake needed for most animals to maintain healthy weight levels……….This Is It can lower feed costs in most cases.

Questions & Answers:

THIS IS IT will help you animals to utilize 15% to 30% more of the feed and/or hay you are currently using.

Some people use Rice Bran for Hi-fat   Rice Bran is 12% fiber 12% fat and 12% protein

and is very high in Calcium and can cause an animal to scour, in turn can cause dehydration if not controlled.  We suggest feeding a good Hi-fat pellet feed along side of our supplement rather than the rice bran as, "THIS IS IT" will start the breakdown of protein and fat before feed gets to animal's intestines for better absorption, and without the risk of scour and dehydration.

Being naturally rich in Organic Iodine This Is It helps moderate body temperature and makes immediate improvement of hoof health, and shinny coat.

Animals will consume higher amounts of water while on our products, resulting in better hydration.

Kelp Seaweed Meal supplies natural micronutrients and increases the blood flow and also decrease cramping of muscles on Hi performance horses. Enabling cuts, burses & sore muscles to heal quickly…cutting down on prolonged down time and fatigue to animal.

 Our Kelp Seaweed Meal comes from Iceland and is organic along with all our other ingredients being all natural, organic and NON-GMO

Selenium Yeast has been shown to have beneficial effects, especially on animal's immune status, growth and reproduction. (see Nutrition Research study on Reproductive Performance of Albion Chelated Minerals)  The consequent improvements can be of economic benefit for many reasons, including greater overall efficiency of feed.  

Vitamin E plays a very important key role in a animal's absorption and utilization of selenium.  Our product has 1,000 IU of Vitamin E in the 4 oz. daily dose of "THIS IS IT"

Yucca Root Meal which is a natural inflammatory and aids with arthritic and swollen joints.

Things like phosphorus and most vitamins are not organic by definition, but our product contains organic kelp seaweed meal, organic yeast along with other organic and all natural ingredients.

Salt is not needed as "THIS IS IT" contains the proper levels of highly absorbable salt, plus the vitamins and trace minerals needed to meet the daily requirements for all animals.

* A normal trace/mineral block is 98% salt and 2% mineral

Shelf Life on an unopened container is a year or more, on an open container it is 6 months or more.  Bucket life has not been determined after opening due to product being used within 30 to 40 days.

DOUBLE SHOT BLEND has the same great ingredients and analysis as "This Is It", but is much lower in copper levels for safe use as a supplement for sheep, elk, and camelid (Llama & Alpaca) species.  Copper (min) 300 ppm & Copper (max) 350 ppm

Compare The Labels of the top mineral/supplements to "THIS IS IT"

*Our levels of mineral and supplements compare above the other brands and in most cases are higher in meeting daily requirements.  Price comparison cannot be matched; "This is it"- less than a dollar per day!


“DOUBLE SHOT BLEND”  has the same great ingredients as our "THIS IS IT" product, but is much lower in copper levels….. copper (MIN) 300 ppm/copper (MAX) 350 ppm…..for safe use as a supplement for  sheep, elk, and camelid (Llama, alpaca & camels)species.

Many of our customers will use the Double Shot Blend in cases where a guard Llama is in with a herd of goats.  And where animals are together in larger pastures….. example; mouflon sheep breeds  together with Whitetail and Axis deer species.

Direction for Use as a top dressed feeding will be as follows:  1 ounce Maximum Daily for Sheep and similar sized Species.  Use 2 to 4 ounces daily for deer and larger species.

Over-All Nutrition Fact Sheet

 Provides proper levels of highly absorbable salt, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium & potassium plus the vitamins and trace minerals needed to meet the daily requirements.

 Contains patented amino acid chelated trace minerals which are research proven to significantly increase conception rates, increased weaning weights and overall health.

 Fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to maximize digestive efficiency and forage utilization while helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract by fighting off pathogens naturally and safely.

 Special additives protect mineral from water.  When exposed to rain this product forms a thin protective crust to resist being washed away.

 Contains kelp seaweed meal to supply natural micronutrients and increase blood flow by dilating capillaries.  Naturally rich in Organic Iodine that helps moderate body temperature and improve hoof health.

 Provides appropriate levels of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, organic selenium yeast & vitamins A, D & E.

 Contains natural flavors and dried molasses to enhance consumption.

 Offer free choice on a continual basis to animals on pasture.  If animals over consume mineral you may hand feed for first few days by placing amount of mineral out that is appropriate for the number of head in the pasture.  You may also decrease consumption by adding from 10 to 20% more salt to the mineral until consumption is reduced.  After animals become adjusted to the product eliminate extra added salt.

 For best results when offering free choice put product in a weather protected mineral feeder or under a loafing shed.  Keep fresh product out at all times.  May be offered free choice to stalled animals and top dressed on to daily feed at the recommended rates.  Feeding additional free choice salt may decrease daily consumption of the needed amount of Over-All Complete Mineral.

Results Driven Nutrition:  The focus of this product is to produce the finest nutritional results possible.  The extra production, overall improvements in animal growth and condition pay for the cost of this product many times over in most cases.  The cost of this formulation and the technical superiority of the ingredients and levels of high tech ingredients is where the focus of this product is placed.  Your bottom line results will show you the wisdom of using this product.

This is It Ingrediants  Distrubutors Double Shot Ingrediants Over-All Nutrition Price Sheet